Best Toaster Ovens under $100 Reviews in 2020

Toaster ovens are very practical small appliances for the home and they allow home chefs to create an array of tasty snacks and meals, from toasted sandwiches to Bruschetta and beyond. If you’re interested in finding the best affordable toaster oven for an affordable price, you’ll love this detailed guide.

We’ve researched a host of toaster ovens and found seven of the best. Today, we’re going to show you many best toaster ovens under 100 bucks, as well as a few higher-end models, so you’ll be able to find something which offers great performance at your preferred price point.

Our best rated toaster oven guide is the secret of streamlined comparison-shopping!

To make sure our toaster oven ratings have a lot of value, we’ll detail main features and also talk about pros and cons.

Once you’ve read our toaster oven reviews, you’ll be ready to move forward and choose the best convection toaster oven model for your needs and budget.

Best Budget Convection Toaster Ovens

#1. Cuisinart TOB-135 Convection Toaster Oven

cuisinart TOB-135 deluxe convection toaster oven broiler review


  • stainless steel finish
  • auto shut-off
  • easy-to-use control panel
  • roomy interior


  • More expensive than our other recommended models
  • some customers found that toasting wasn’t crisp enough

This design is roomy enough to hold six pieces of bread or a pizza with a twelve-inch diameter. It has a capacity of 0.6 cubic feet. As well, it comes with nine functions and a digital control panel which is back-lit. When you choose this model, you’ll be able to program it via it LED buttons and its electronic dial.

You’ll love this style, as it is equipped with a convection fan which prepares food quickly and ensures even heating. This design has a signal for “preheat” and it also features a two-hour timer and an auto-shutoff safety feature. It’s non-stick surface and detachable crumb tray make it simple to care for.

You’ll love the way that this model looks, thanks to its sleek and modern, stainless steel finish. As well, you’ll really enjoy using it. It earns rave reviews from most customers and has all of the quality that Cuisinart is known for.

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#2. BLACK+DECKER CTO6335S Convection Oven

black-decker cto6335s stainless steel countertop convection oven review


  • Big digital display
    One-touch performance due to presets
    Sleek and modern look


  • Get too hot on the outside for some customer’s liking
  • Power cord is too short for some owner’s liking
  • not the cheapest model (this is a mid-range design)

This design features a twenty-two-inch cord and it has a specially-designed interior which makes it possible to add twelve-inch pizzas and big casseroles. It has a nice, sleek and silver appearance, so it’ll look great on your kitchen counter and it also comes with a big digital display which includes preset buttons for one-touch performance. When you choose this high-quality appliance, you’ll access a one hundred and twenty-minute timer, as well as a crumb tray which may be removed in order to facilitate easy cleanup. This design comes with a broiler rack which also fits casserole dishes.

When you choose this high-quality appliance, you’ll access a one hundred and twenty-minute timer, as well as a crumb tray which may be removed in order to facilitate easy cleanup. This design comes with a broiler rack which also fits casserole dishes.

Since it’s made by Black & Decker, a brand with a strong and positive reputation, you’ll find that it’s a solid buy. It’s popular with consumers and gets a great overall rating at the largest online retailer.

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#3. Hamilton Beach 31401 Countertop Toaster Oven

hamilton beach 31401 countertop oven with silver review


  • attractive, black-and-silver finish
  • will roast a five-pound bird
  • multi-purpose
  • affordable


  • doesn’t have all of the features of higher-end models
  • may not broil well enough to please some customers

If you want a truly affordable toaster oven, you’ll love learning about this Hamilton Beach model. Hamilton Beach is a trusted American appliance manufacturer, so you’ll be buying quality. This design looks quite modern, thanks to its two-tone, black-and-silver finish and it’s large enough to hold a five-pound chicken. As well, it’s extremely versatile, which means that you may use it as a rotisserie or use it to bake.

It will also function as a convection oven or a broiler. It’s very big, and has the capacity to hold a couple of nine-inch pizzas at one time! As well, it’s rotisserie revolves, so it’s got some high-performance features, despite its budget to mid-range price tag.

Designed to help you create the most delicious snacks and meals in no time flat, this practical design may just become an everyday favorite and it will look good in your kitchen, too!

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#4. Oster French Door Large Capacity Convection Toaster Oven

oster large capacity countertop 6-slice digital convection toaster oven review


  • Roomy interior space
  • highly-rated by consumer watchdog organizations
  • comes from a reputable brand name


  • broil feature didn’t please some customers
  • some people also complained about toasting quality

If you want an affordable toaster oven which is ideal for whole chickens, simmered dishes and roasts, this may be the toaster oven that you have been waiting for. This design may be programmed to run at temperatures between one hundred and fifty and four hundred and fifty degrees. It’s possible to adjust broiling temperature in order to make a host of dishes, from garlic bread with melted cheese to broiled meat and beyond. This toaster oven is large enough to hold six slices of bread and it was released, to wide critical acclaim, during 2011.

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#5. Oster TSSTTVMNDG Convection Oven

oster tssttvmndg convection oven


  • affordable
  • produced by a trusted brand
  • multipurpose
  • great accessories


  • lack some features of deluxe models
    appearance is a little lackluster

This Oster design comes with a reasonable price tag and it features a total capacity of 0.6 cubic ft. This unit features fifteen hundred watts of power and it’s able to bake items, bake via convection, toast, broil and cook pizzas. It’ll hold six pieces of bread. In addition, it comes with a sixty-minute timer which is digital and features liquid crystal display, as well as touch-pad controls. When you choose this design, you’ll get all of the accessories that you need, including an oven rack, a crumb tray and a baking pan. Make sure that the toaster oven is placed at least half a foot away from a wall.

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#6. Oster TSSTTVSK01 Convection Toaster Oven

oster TSSTTVSK01 extra large convection toaster oven review


  • convection performance for quick and even heating
  • attractive appearance
  • affordable
  • lots of great features


  • some people found that it burned some foods
  • Some customers had performance issues with thermostats on this model

If you want a big toaster oven from a reputable brand, you’ll enjoy learning about this Oster design. It features convection oven technology, which means that it cooks rapidly and evenly. Having a convection feature is great, as you’ll get slow-cooked results in no time flat. As well, this design fits twelve-inch pizzas, as well as whole chickens and a host of other foods and recipes, including casserole-style recipes and roasted hams.

Temperatures may be adjusted between one hundred and fifty and four hundred and fifty. When you order this design, you’ll access great accessories, such as a crumb tray which may be removed and a rack which operates in a couple of positions.

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#7. Hamilton Beach 31331D Toaster Oven

hamilton beach 31331d toaster oven


  • Curvy glass door for superior access
  • Affordable price tag
  • solid brand name


  • may not be as feature-packed as costlier models
  • some people found the timer noisy and annoying

If you want a toaster oven which is produced by a venerable American manufacturer, you’ll enjoy discovering the Hamilton Beach 31330 Toaster Oven. This design features a big and curving door which is crafted from glass, which makes it easy to gain access to items inside of the toaster oven.

As well, it’s very versatile, as it toasts, bakes and broils with ease. This design is large enough to hold a twelve-inch pizza. This model has a modern and pleasing appearance and it’s very affordable!

You’ll love its black and silver finish, as well as the way that it facilitates preparation of a host of food items and recipes.

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