Best Microwave Stand 2020

Breaking down the best microwave stands on the market today

Even if you live in one of the largest homes ever constructed there is never really enough counter space to do EVERYTHING you’d like to do in the kitchen.

And if you’re living in a home with a rather small galley style kitchen (also known as a shotgun kitchen) the odds are pretty good that you do almost anything to get even just a little bit of extra counter space to work with.

Well, by getting your hands on the best microwave stand you’re not only going to be able to move one of your largest kitchen appliances off of the counter-top to free up some space there, but you’re also going to be able to create a bit of extra work-space with the stand itself.

The only problem is finding the best microwave stand in the best kitchen carts can be a lot more challenging than a lot of people make it out to be. There are a lot of different options that you’re going to have the opportunity to pick and choose from, and if you aren’t smart about this kind of purchase you’ll end up cluttering your kitchen rather than opening it up – and that’s obviously something you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Best Microwave Stands 2020

Check out all of the inside information that we are able to share with you below and you’ll have no trouble whatsoever getting your hands on the best microwave stand available. We are going to highlight four of the top contenders on the market today, break down their pros and cons, and give you a bit of extra insight into everything they are able to bring to the table.

Shall we dive right in?

#1. Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart

whitmor supreme microwave kitchen cart review


  • One of the least expensive contenders for the title of best microwave cart
  • Attractive “open cabinet” design maximizes storage space without overwhelming your floor plan
  • Adjustable shelves allow you to maximize the storage available


  • May not have the same kind of high-end finish as your cabinets or appliances enjoy
  • Open design is not perfect for those with a tendency to crowd and clutter they are storage
  • This microwave cart is very lightweight and prone to tipping over until it’s loaded down

A fantastic contender for the title of best microwave stand, this option is going to allow you to place your microwave right on top of the uppermost shelf while maximizing the pullout two-stage shelving below.

The open design helps small kitchens to feel bigger than they are and makes finding things you have stored on this cart effortless.

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#2. Furinno NW889DC Storage Rack

furinno nw889dc bk go green 4 tier multipurpose storage rack


  • One of the most beautifully designed and elegant kitchen stands you’ll come across, this product is available in a variety of finishes to fit any design aesthetic
  • Manufactured entirely out of recycled materials that are very eco-friendly
  • No tool assembly requires just five minutes of your time to put together


  • Still one of the best kitchen carts, this product isn’t quite as heavy-duty or as durable as some of the other options on the market
  • Each individual shelf can only hold a maximum of 25 pounds the for structural integrity is challenged
  • At 43 ½ inches, tall (not including anything you put on top of this shelf) is one of the larger kitchen carts and stands you’ll come across

Designed to take advantage of environmentally friendly materials and products, this is a relatively inexpensive solution for those on the want for only the best microwave cart. Even though the carrying capacity isn’t quite as outstanding as other options on the market today, it remains one of the best kitchen carts for those that want a more stationary and semi-permanent solution.

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#3. White & Natural Kitchen Microwave Cart

white & natural finish kitchen microwave cart


  • This minimalist microwave stand is very functional yet remains unobtrusive – it almost disappears into your kitchen while freeing up quite a bit of space
  • Designed with four different adjustable shelves in mind, you’ll be able to find a configuration that meets your needs specifically without any trouble
  • Lightweight enough to be effortlessly manoeuvred but with heavy-duty locking casters for stationary positions, this is a versatile microwave cart


  • Pretty expensive for the quality of construction materials used throughout
  • At 23 ½ inches wide it may not be perfect for all your storage needs
  • You’ll need a couple of household tools to put this microwave stand together

Altogether one of the best kitchen carts you’re going to come across in the minimalist style, you won’t have to worry about breaking your bank account along the way while adding quite a bit of extra-functional storage and counter space to your compact kitchen footprint.

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#4. Microwave Cart Stand

microwave cart stand white finish one shelf review


  • Plenty of space to hold even the largest capacity microwaves with a drawer, cabinet space below, and a surface-level workspace
  • Quality craftsmanship throughout with a very high-end finish perfect for any kitchen aesthetic
  • Designed to roll around on casters to effortlessly move around as necessary


  • A little bit pricey for what you’re getting
  • Can be a bit on the larger side of things and eat up valuable kitchen floor space
  • White paint and raw wood finish may clash with already established designs

Definitely one of the most impressive microwaves stands you’re going to come across today, this is a top-quality product that gives you extra workspace (with 16 inches of counter space on top), plenty of room to hold your microwave without obstructing it, and extra storage space below.

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Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with any of the kitchen cart and microwave stand options as highlighted above. Each and every one of them brings something different to the table, and all provide the kind of functionality you deserve to really open up the versatility of your kitchen space.

The odds are good that you will be happy with anyone of them!